The new HTC Desire phones. In the shops, October this year!

HTC have today launched two Android mobile phones designed to secure its place as one of Apple's top competitors.

The iPhone 4 competition includes the large-screen Desire HD and the Desire Z with its fold-out keyboard rather like the original Google phone Both HTC phones are based on Google's Android operating system. They are based on the latest version of Google's Android operating system – version 2.2, nicknamed FroYo.t's here that the HD's large 4.3 inch (10.9 cm) screen – framed by a solid aluminium body – comes into its own. The Desire HD is larger than the Apple iPhone 4 – 8mm taller, 10mm wider and 2.5mm thicker – but then the iPhone has a comparatively small screen of just 3.5 inches. The Desire Z is even heavier at 180g, even though it is not much larger than the original HTC Desire. The weight is the price users have to pay for the phone's solidly-built flip-out keyboard. Like the Nokia N97, the phone suffers from keyboard stretch – as the keyboard is both slim and wide. The HD video capability will deliver 720p capture and an 8 megapixel camera will be onboard too. There's a sizeable 4.3 inch touchscreen while the device runs Android 2.2 via a 1GHz processor with 4GB of internal memory thrown in for good measure. For more information and photographs, have a read here on the BBC website from today.

Smartphone fans can also look forward to the HTC Desire Z around the same time, which is another Android-powered handset. That looks like coming with a sliding QWERTY-style keyboard, 3.7 inch display plus HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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