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Watch the Dazzling Process of How Ink Is Made

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BT has pop at “high price” of Virgin 100Mb broadband

 BT spokesman said that, while it was “encouraging to see Virgin say they will upgrade their network by 2012″ and “good for UK plc that there will be another high speed network”, it couldn’t resist banging on about all the … Continue reading

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Most smartphone users breach employers’ security, says survey

More than half of mobile device users access their employer's networks every day without permission, a survey has found. More than 80 per cent of users of mobile devices, whose security is not controlled by a company, say they have … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Tab vs BlackBerry PlayBook

In the incoming wave of tablet devices the BlackBerry PlayBook and theSamsung Galaxy Tab are the closest of competitors in terms of their form factor – the curious 7″ screen size. But underneath the exterior, there’s a number of key areas where the … Continue reading

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Banned iphone 4 white video

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Adobe demos BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet live for the first time, plays HD flash videos too

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Microsoft announces record profits

Microsoft has announced record financial results, with Steve Ballmer announcing $16.20 billion in revenue for the first quarter of its 2011 fiscal year, with $5.41 billion in profit. Ballmer and co. are citing Office 2010 and the sustained 'PC refresh … Continue reading

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London Underground Wi-Fi trial begins next week

The six-month trial will include only one station – Charing Cross – and will deliver Wi-Fi access to anybody able to access the BT Openzone network. It won’t work on trains, but will be available in the ticket hall, and on the … Continue reading

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Multi-network iPhone SIM rumours at Apple

Rumours are circulating that Apple intends to produce a future iPhone with a special SIM card – probably integrated into the handset rather than swappable – which would permit a user to swap at will between cellular networks.…

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Vera Z-Wave Home Control System Launches in Europe

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