Sky still in talks to bring Anytime+ to other ISPs

Sky is still actively looking to roll Anytime+ out to other ISPs with head of television services Kathryn Downward telling TechRadar that the VOD service would not be limited to Sky Broadband customers. Sky has insisted before that it will not limit Anytime+ to its own broadband subscribers, reiterating to TechRadar that its decision to limit it at launch was for practical considerations. When asked whether talks were still ongoing, Downward replied: "Absolutely.". "Limiting it to Sky Broadband meant that we could ensure that any problems were not with [other ISPs] networks," she added. "It meant we could guarantee the best possible customer experience.". "But it is still our intention over time to bring in other ISPs as long as they do the work to make sure that we can have a seamless experience."



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