TVonics DTR-HD500

The TVonics DTR-HD500 might not be the first gizmo you have in mind when it comes to buying a Freeview HD set top box. After all, why bother when big names like Humax and Panasonic are turning out such incredible machines? Why?  Not all Freeview HD PVRs are alike. Free to air HD is still in relative infancy, and the quality of set-top boxes offering it shows its immaturity. We’ve seen boxes that struggle with HD playback at speed. Those with awkward interfaces, and some that’re just plain noisy. It’s refreshing then to see TVonics, a small British firm, leading the way with a dynamite 500GB Freeview HD recorder in the TVonics DTR-HD500, jam packed with smart features and clad in a wonderfully eye-catching design.



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