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Easy Guide to Internet Explorer Parental Controls

Today, I am going to show you how to lock down Internet Explorer using its built-in parental controls. I will be using Internet Explorer 8 for my examples but it is pretty much the same for Internet Explorer 7 as … Continue reading

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Got Kids? A Simple Way to Block Adult Sites on your Computer

 If your tech-savvy kids are spending a fair amount of their computer time surfing the Internet, there’s a chance that they may sometimes accidentally stumble upon adult sites that you would definitely not like them to see. Keep your Kids from … Continue reading

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Nokia takes on Symbian development: can it save the OS?

All change in Symbian town. Nokia has grabbed Symbian development from the nabobs at the Symbian Foundation. The ailing OS needs some serious love and it seems Nokia is determined to do just that. Sure Symbian 3 isn’t too bad on the Nokia … Continue reading

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How to Google-ify Your iPhone

From Gizmodo by Adam Dachis Got Android envy? Just wish Apple handled sync, the web, and openness a bit better? You can't have it all, but if you want to bring more Google paradigms to your iPhone, here's how to do it. More » 

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Browse the Web with your Email Address

From Digital Inspiration Technology Blog by Amit Web2PDF is an extremely useful web based service that lets you browse the web using your email address. Compose a new email message, type the URL of any web page in the body of that message and … Continue reading

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Wireless Music Sync With Winamp Media Player For Android

Late October, Nullsoft released the first Winamp Beta for the Android mobile platform. Although Winamp is already showing the other application who’s boss, especially feature-wise, this means there’s still room for improvement. Currently, the media player can only be installed … Continue reading

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RIM’s PlayBook Will Cost Less than $500

PlayBook, Research in Motion’s entry into the tablet market, will start selling in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2011 for under $500. The current leader of the tablet market, Apple’s iPad, sells in a price range of $499 to $829, … Continue reading

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3D on demand arriving on BT Vision

  BT has announced that it is finally jumping aboard the 3D bandwagon – with the company signing deals with NBC Universal and Vertigo that will bring 3D content to its BT Vision IPTV service. With Sky offering Europe's first 3D channel, … Continue reading

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Buying Guide: Best cheap laptop under £350: 10 to choose from

    Sub-£350 laptops are never going to be capable of high end computing. They won't run the 3D latest games, or edit high-definition video. But, for stuff like word processing or web browsing they're absolutely ideal. All the laptops we've … Continue reading

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Google Instant Previews launched

 Google has ripped the wrapper off of its latest search feature, which it has branded Instant Previews. Users who click through to sites using Google's search engine will now get a visual thumbnail of the web page before they go … Continue reading

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