Skype video chat on tap for Android, release coming soon?

A new version of Skype for Android, complete with video calling capabilities, looks to be a Verizon exclusive and it’s ready for release. Skype with video is a killer feature for iOS users. Whether you’re using WiFi or 3G data, the quality of audio and video will have you quickly forget FaceTime exists. On Android, the application development hasn’t been quite as timely. Video support remains absent and up until last week, 3G voice calling via Skype was not universally available.

Skype video chat on tap for Android, release coming soon?

A couple weeks ago a leaked version of Skype for Android with video support made its rounds across the Internet. Today, a report over at droid-life suggests that version is finalized and that the future of video calling on Skype for Android lie in the hands of Verizon Wireless. How this factors into the worldwide release of Skype for Android is anyone’s guess, but let’s hope we see a unified release sooner rather than later.

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