With Latest Firmware, Boxee Box Is Finally Ready for Prime Time

What It’s Good For: Watching TV shows, movies and web video content on the big screen. The Boxee Box  is unique in the connected device space , because it can deliver content both from the web and from a home network.
Who It’s Good For: Media lovers with lots of movie, music and TV show downloads and would-be cord cutters. Because it’s more expensive than an Apple TV or Roku, the device is really aimed at those users that have extensive media collections on a home network and those that like to access other third-party content services.
Limitations: Although the Boxee Box comes with a web browser for enjoying full-screen web video, there aren’t dedicated apps for most major TV networks or for Hulu Plus. There is no native storage built into the device, though users can connect an external USB hard drive, SD card or USB thumb-drive for accessing content not on a network. The remote control, while great to hold and easy to use, is hard to see in the dark — especially when using the QWERTY side.
Bottom Line: With the latest 1.1 firmware update , the Boxee Box is finally ready for prime time. Apps supporting commercial and subscription content are finally available in large quantities and the out-of-the-box support for local files across a network is unparalleled. The new Boxee web browser is one of the best implementations we’ve seen for surfing the web on the big screen.

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