Clickfree Wireless Automatic Backup (500GB)

The Clickfree Wireless is a mostly featureless black plastic box with rounded corners. It reminds me of the latest generation Apple TV, though the Apple TV doesn't have a bar-shaped blue status light on the front like the Clickfree Wireless does. It's compact enough that you can hide the drive in pretty much any space, as long as that space has access to electricity for the power adapter. There's a jack for the power adapter on the back, and a short, permanently attached USB cable. This keeps the drive a simple affair: USB cable for initial setup, power jack for normal operation.

Initial setup requires first hooking the drive up to the PCor Mac that you want to back up, then the drive automatically installs needed programs. The primary back up then happens: it could take only a few minutes or it could take hours (as it did for our iMac with over 280GB of data on it), so it depends on how many files you've hoarded away on your computer. Once you have a baseline backup of your computer(s), you can then just plug in the power adapter and the rest of the magic will happen over your wireless network.

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