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Review: Sky Go
Sky has united its live streaming and download package for Apple devices and laptop-owning PC users under the umbrella term 'Sky Go'. But this hasn't been solely a rebranding exercise. Each subscriber can now watch the (SD only) service on a maximum of two devices at once, plus an Xbox 360 or Fetch TV box if required. Once again, what you can watch is dependent on your TV subscription if you have one (in which case Sky Go is free). Non-subscribers can take out a 'monthly ticket' subscription directly via the Sky Go website with prices starting at £15. Apple mobile users must download a free app from the iTunes store.
PC and Mac viewers can log in through the Sky Go website and watch it via their web browser (you're required to have Microsoft Silverlight installed). Sky also provides a free Sky Go desktop application for managing downloads. There's no Android version yet – we're told it could appear by the end of the year. As before, PC/Mac users can stream live channels they subscribe to from a list of 32 that includes Sky Sports 1-4, Sky1, MTV, Nat Geo and four Sky Movies channels. The PC/Mac interface remains largely unchanged.

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