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Three: 97% of network traffic is data

Phones these days are barely used for making telephone calls, with Three revealing that 97% of all its network use is now data. That leaves only 3% accounting for calls and text messages and is a massive 427% increase in … Continue reading

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Orange and T-Mobile join hands with 3G coverage

Orange and T-Mobile have extended their joint reach by making it possible for their respective customer bases to use 3G signals from both networks. When the companies joined forces under the Everything Everywhere banner in 2010, they underwent a "big switch-on" and … Continue reading

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Three could run out of network space in cities next year

Mobile operator Three has warned that it may run out of network capacity by the end of 2012 if its planned spectrum auctions face further delays. A scary prospect for Three customers, if the network's prediction comes to pass then … Continue reading

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Three offers UNLIMITED data to all its customers

Network Three has extended its all-you-can-eat data offer to every mobile customer – for an extra £3 a month. With the generous data deal widened to include those on The One Plan, as well as PAYG patrons through a £15 bundle pack, the … Continue reading

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BBC unveils crowd-sourced 3G coverage map

The results of the BBC's survey of 3G data across the UK are in, and the resulting map paints a patchy Pollock-esque picture for many of us.The research shows that it's not just rural areas which often miss out on the higher speeds of … Continue reading

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Vodafone to include tethering in data bundles

Vodafone has announced it will be changing its data plans to allow users to tether their phones as part of their data bundle. As smartphone usage has increased rapidly in the last year or two, users have become increasingly irate … Continue reading

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Three confirmed as UK Chromebook 3G connectivity partner

Three has confirmed that it is the '3G connectivity partner' for Google's Chromebooks in the UK. The popular network has built its success on its data packages, and has now picked up a big name by seizing the Chromebook – … Continue reading

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Android to Get Video Chat Via Google Talk Upgrade

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Skype video chat on tap for Android, release coming soon?

A new version of Skype for Android, complete with video calling capabilities, looks to be a Verizon exclusive and it’s ready for release. Skype with video is a killer feature for iOS users. Whether you’re using WiFi or 3G data, the quality of … Continue reading

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3 starts killing off 2G coverage

3 has started to switch off roaming onto Orange's 2G network in locations where it reckons its own coverage makes the 2G partner redundant. 3 doesn't run a 2G network in the UK, so customers wandering outside the 3G coverage … Continue reading

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