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Keyless Home Entry system lets you unlock your doors with Bluetooth

Unlocking your door can be a problem sometimes, especially if you have your hands full and you don’t want to search for your keys in your pocket, so why not use your phone instead of your key? This technology relies … Continue reading

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Configuring the AlphaTech IPDP Cityline Door Phone

Linking a Door phone to your 3CX  telephone system can be useful, and this AlphaTech device is an easy-to-configure option. To use this system, you need a 3CX phone system running on Windows. So, unless you fancy following the original … Continue reading

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Fires Alarm Systems: What You Need to Know

Fire alarm systems  as well as home security systems  are so much more than a simple alarm these days. Typically, when people think about a home security system, they only think of an alarm that will go off if a window or door … Continue reading

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