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Sky Go app gets live and on demand Sky Movies, 3G streaming coming soon

BSkyB (“Sky”), the UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster, has announced that its rolling-out movies-on-demand streaming to its Sky Go mobile service. The service allows subscribers to watch both live and ‘on-demand’ video content on a computer, mobile device or Xbox 360. At present the Sky … Continue reading

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iMainGo XP Portable Stereo Speaker & Case for iPad

Portable Sound Labs has a new product called the iMainGo XP (model: 11BWB04), which is a portable stereo speaker for the iPad but also doubles as a protective case. It works on both the iPad 1 and iPad 2. It sports a rechargeable … Continue reading

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Make Your Android Device Look Exactly Like An iPhone

The world is divided into two sections – Phone lovers andAndroid enthusiasts. For these purposes, Espier Launcher (or Espier Launcher 2.1 if you’re running Android 2.1) is perfect belnds the two together, the high tech Android hardware and the refined iOS. Android emulates the iOS Springboard almost perfectly, … Continue reading

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New Apple TV: Siri-powered flatscreen incoming

If you think about it, a Siri-powered TV makes total sense. It’d dispense with the remote control, a  peripheral Jobs himself dismissed when discussing an integrated Apple TV set with biographer Walter Isaacson. The idea of being able to tell … Continue reading

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Bloomberg TV Begins Live Streaming to the iPad

Bloomberg is bringing its 24-hour live broadcast to the iPad, the financial media conglomerate announced Thursday. Unlike CNN or ESPN, which make their live feeds available only to select subscribers, Bloomberg is boldly making its broadcast available to anyone with an … Continue reading

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iPad Becomes a Portable TV with DirectTV 1.3.1

According to the developers, you can now “turn your iPad into a portable TV and watch your favorite shows in any room of your home”. The 1.3.1 update adds the ability to scroll through a list of channels available to watch on your iPad with a … Continue reading

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Mint Finally Comes to the iPad

Mint, the web-based personal finance manager, has finally come to the iPad. Mint, brings most of the website’s bill tracking and analytics features to the tablet. The app lets users access their financial data, analyze spending trends, get budget alerts … Continue reading

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Control Home with a iPhone, iPad or Android Smart Phone or Tablet Computer

We spotted this new video from HomeSeer that gives a great overview of their home automation control software.  It works through the options for a hardware gateway controller and covers the steps necessary to control the range of smart home … Continue reading

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Meet Shelby, Your Personalized Channel For Web Video

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Alibaba set to launch ‘Chinese iPad’ by the end of 2011

Alibaba, Ma’s firm, will introduce a tablet device to rival the iPad in China. The device, which will launch by the end of the year, according to Alibaba CTO Wang Jiang, will run on Aliyun,the Linux-based operating system that Alibaba announced in … Continue reading

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