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Search Through All The Data On Gmail, Google Apps & Twitter With CloudMagic

CloudMagic as the name implies, is all about the services on the cloud. The magic is that it is a super-fast way to search across multiple services – Twitter, Gmail, Google Apps Email, Google Docs, Calendar, and Contacts. Plus, CloudMagic … Continue reading

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Improved accessibility for Google Calendar

In your calendar lists, you can use the up and down arrow keys to navigate between your calendars. For each calendar in the list, you’ll hear its name and can use the spacebar to turn the calendar on or off. To … Continue reading

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Google Apps Adds Ability To Check Gmail, Docs & Calendar Offline

Google has you covered as they are now offering offline access to Gmail, Docs and Calendar. The launches of these offline services are missing some features, but it s a step in the right direction for people who spend a lot … Continue reading

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Change Google Calendar’s default meeting length and more print options

You can now change your default event length from the standard 30 minute slot. If you frequently create 15 minute meetings, for example, you can now make 15 minutes the default length for all your events. This way, you don’t … Continue reading

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