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No More GoogleLookup in Google Spreadsheets

One of the most useful Google Spreadsheets features is the GoogleLookup function, which allows you to find simple facts and quickly create a spreadsheet using Google's data. Unfortunately, the function will be removed at the end of the month and … Continue reading

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Search Through All The Data On Gmail, Google Apps & Twitter With CloudMagic

CloudMagic as the name implies, is all about the services on the cloud. The magic is that it is a super-fast way to search across multiple services – Twitter, Gmail, Google Apps Email, Google Docs, Calendar, and Contacts. Plus, CloudMagic … Continue reading

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Google Improves Docs Presentations With Lots Of New Features

Google Docs have recently rolled out a huge update to almost all of their Docs programs. Now, they are continuing to move forward with a nice update to Presentations. The major change in the new update is the way users collaborate on a … Continue reading

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Google Overhauls Docs Presentations

Google has added more than 50 new features to Google Docs Presentations, closing the gap between the web app and existing software offerings from Microsoft (PowerPoint) and Apple (Keynote). Among the new features: Transitions: Create fading and “spicier 3D” transition effects between … Continue reading

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An enhanced Google Docs experience on Android tablets

Google Docs has had yet another upgrade. You can download the app from the Android Market and let us know what you think in the comments or by posting on the forum.

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Turn your Google Docs into a Fax Machine

  While there are dozens of web-based services that let you send and receive faxes from the computer without requiring a fax machine, Interfax goes one step further – it turns your Google Docs into a complete fax machine. You just have to connect … Continue reading

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Google Apps Adds Ability To Check Gmail, Docs & Calendar Offline

Google has you covered as they are now offering offline access to Gmail, Docs and Calendar. The launches of these offline services are missing some features, but it s a step in the right direction for people who spend a lot … Continue reading

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Using Gmail, Calendar and Docs without an Internet connection

The great thing about web apps is that you can access all of your information on the go, and we’ve introduced ways to use Google Apps on a variety of devices like mobile phones and tablets. But it’s inevitable that … Continue reading

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How To Add A Google Docs Contact Form To Your Blog

Many of you have likely jumped on the WordPress or theTumblr train, but there is still a number of people holding out on Blogger. Google is keeping up with the Joneses with its new Blogger in Draft interface, and the web tool still provides a cheaper alternative for … Continue reading

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Find PDF Manuals for your Electronics using Amazon

   The user manuals are primarily hosted on two Amazon servers – and – and here’s how you can find the one you are looking for. Go to Google and type the following query. Replace the word PRODUCT with … Continue reading

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