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HDFury3 HDMI Converter

The HDFury3 is a clever piece of kit that allows you to get around the limitation of recording HDMI HDCP protected content from your PS3 or Blu-ray player to an analogue recording device that doesn't have a HDMI input, but … Continue reading

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Inject Digital Audio Into Your HDMI

Here's an interesting little box from Keene Electronics. The AU-11CA HDMI Audio Embedder will inject an external audio signal into your HDMI cable. Some systems don't include digial audio over HDMI, as any owner of a Sky+ box knows. So … Continue reading

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Go TruLink Wireless HDMI Kit

TruLink Wireless HDMI Kit is another product designed to solve home cinema conundrums. The wireless broadcaster and receiver only work over 10m. What this is good for is broadcasting signals from one end of a room to another when cables … Continue reading

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Wireless HDMI, The second generation!

When wireless HDMI was still a long way off, Marmitek was the first in Europe, in April 2009, to provide an ingenious solution in the form of the GigaVideo800 HDMI. After one and a half years of ongoing development, Marmitek … Continue reading

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