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Why RAR Is Better Than ZIP & The Best RAR Software Available

RAR files are smaller, easier to split and easier to recover than ZIP files. These three features mean RAR files are better than ZIP, even though ZIP files are far more common. WinRAR also supports the creation of recovery files, which are very … Continue reading

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Splashtop Remote Desktop lets you control your computer remotely with another computer, iOS or Android device

Remote control has always been popular, and if you want to remotely control your PC or Mac from another computer or a mobile device, than Splashtop Remote Desktop might come in handy. Just like any other remote control app, Splashtop … Continue reading

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Skype Brings Facebook Integration To OS X

If you are an Apple user, you may not have known that users of the Windows version of Skype were able to access Facebook through the program. Now, with the 5.4 beta, Mac owners have been given the same features. Integration works about as … Continue reading

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Skype’s Facebook permissions: Are you sure you want to do this?

Today, Skype launched Skype 5.4 for Mac Beta with the same Facebook integration found in Skype 5.5 for Windows. It's been reviewed here.

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Supercharge your MacBook Air with a 480GB solid state drive

 For better or worse, the MacBook Air  re-invented the so-called netbook segment of modern computing. Fitted in a razor thin aluminum casing with a brilliant display, low power processor, best-in-class trackpad and a full-sized keyboard, how could you improve such a wonderful … Continue reading

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Rumour: Firefox 5 coming in June

  Although Mozilla only just released Firefox 4 recently, it looks as though the folks from Mozilla are already working on a new version of their popular browser, and we should see it sooner than we think.  

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Sophos launches free antivirus software for Macs

  Sophos has announced it is offering up free antivirus software for Macs. The software is said to protect Mac users from all known types of Malware, including Trojans, viruses, worms and spyware. The use of free antivirus software is becoming … Continue reading

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Sparrow – A New Gmail Desktop Client for Mac Users

Sparrow is a lightweight email client for Mac users with a twist – it only works with Gmail and Google Apps accounts. Sparrow is ideal for Gmail fans as well as for people who don’t want to mess with POP … Continue reading

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The Top 3 Security Apps To Protect Your Mac

Macs are often lauded as the “Fort Knox” of personal computers. They’re safe and largely unbreakable; viruses won’t get far. Sadly, only part of that is true. Compared to Windows, Mac operating systems are indeed safer and Mac viruses are … Continue reading

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New MacBook Air review: What do you want to know

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