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A Portable Antivirus Software from Microsoft

Is your computer infected with a virus that is preventing you from downloading security updates from the Internet or from running any antivirus program on that machine? Or are your looking for an antivirus software that can be carried on … Continue reading

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4 Common Ways To Password Protect Your Windows User Account

Protecting your computer with a password should be common practice, especially if many people potentially have physical access to it. Windows provides several levels on which you can set passwords to lock your user account. Make us have writen a … Continue reading

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Office 365 Remote Working Guide

According to Microsoft, November 2011 is a month that Office 365 dedicated to the concept of remote working. Not only is the Redmond company teaming up with a number of IT professionals in order to share their experiences related to working … Continue reading

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Office 2010 Online Product Key Solution

Office 2010 customers that come across issues with the product key for their copy of the productivity suite can turn to an online help utility offered by Microsoft to help them resolve their problems. Office 2010 Product Key Solution is available … Continue reading

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How to create a USB Windows 7 install stick

With the help of a program called RT7Lite you can create a faster custom installation of Windows that suits you. This enables you to reinstall Windows, its updates and your programs, all in one quick and easy step. What you … Continue reading

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Office 2007′s third Service Pack now up for download

Microsoft has made available the third Service Pack update for both Office 2007 and Sharepoint 2007. Microsoft is set to sunset mainstream support for Office 2007 in April 2012.

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Windows XP: It Will Not Die

Ten years after it first arrived and a year after Microsoft stopped selling it, Windows XP survives. It is an incredibly resilient piece of programming that has millions of fans around the world. But we can’t hold on forever. Microsoft promises to … Continue reading

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RIM links with Microsoft for cloud services

RIM has begun a beta of BlackBerry Business Cloud Services, a system designed to manage its users' devices remotely and allow access to Microsoft Office 365 applications online.

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Microsoft YouTube Channel Hacked

Computer giant Microsoft’s official YouTube channel appears to have been hacked Sunday morning. All of the official videos, including recent ad campaigns, have been removed from the account. In their place are short clips soliciting advertisers, not surprisingly, as the channel has … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases IE9 Security Update, Guards Against 8 Vulnerabilities

Still using Internet Explorer? If so, you should check your Windows Updates to make sure that you’ve received a new IE9 patch that has been rated as “critical” by Microsoft.

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