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Windows Media Center for your PVR?

Despite the perceived image of Microsoft as a lumbering beast with bloated software that ships full of bugs, they have actually produced some fine software over the years. Today I’d like to highlight Windows Media Center, and specifically it’s functionality as a … Continue reading

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Apple iCloud: the pricing

Apple’s announced pricing for its iCloud storage service – if you want more than the free 5GB storage, you’ll have to pay £14 a year for an extra 10GB, £28 for 20GB, and £70 for 50GB. (These are translated from US prices.) … Continue reading

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Virgin Media TiVo app arrives for Android – iphone coming soon…

Virgin Media has announced the arrival of an Android TiVo smartphone app, with an iPhone version set to follow soon. The TiVo functionality in the new Virgin Media boxes has won plaudits, but the capacity to use a smartphone was … Continue reading

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TwonkyServer 6.0.34

The media server TwonkyServer is now at version 6.0.34 and includes the following changes: Bug Fixes: fixed: File scanning issue on Windows network drives fixed: Roku soundbridge cannot stream aac/m4a fixed: UPnP Discovery broken w/ Linn control point fixed: Web … Continue reading

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Tumblr Users Can Now Record & Share Music With Soundcloud

  Soundcloud, one of the most popular music-sharing sites for musicians, has announced a partnership with Tumblr that will make it much easier for bands to disseminate music in a social way. Soundcloud users will now be able to record music while … Continue reading

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Boxee’s Upcoming Firmware Update

Boxee has a goal to release a firmware update for the Boxee Box (and in the future other Boxee-based devices) every 3 months or so. In each firmware update we try to have a healthy mix of new and improved functionality together with … Continue reading

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Skyfire brings Flash to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

   If you want to watch Flash videos on your Apple iPhone or iPad then you will finally be able to later this week. Not that Apple has reached some kind of groundbreaking deal with Adobe, of course – rather, a … Continue reading

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Boxee Getting Vudu Streaming HD Movie Rentals

The D-Link Boxee Box (in addition to Boxee clients for PC and Mac) will offer HD movie rentals when it lands in living rooms in coming weeks, courtesy of a new partnership with Vudu. Vudu's full HD rentals—1080p, Dolby Digital Plus … Continue reading

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VLC Media Player Now Available for iPhone

VLC Media Player, an app that lets you watch videos in several formats that aren’t natively supported by the iPhone, has arrived in Apple’s iTunes store. The app originated on the iPad, and is now compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone … Continue reading

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Logitech’s Revue Product Page Goes Live, Preorder One Now In the States For $299

Here it, ladies and gents. The Logitech Revue. The device’s minisite just went live ahead of the official unveiling at 3:00 PM EDT today and that’s fine by us. The site itself doesn’t talk all that much about Google TV — at … Continue reading

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