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TwonkyServer 6.0.37

The media server for WHS has been updated to version 6.0.37 which fixes several sync-related issues, and can be downloaded from here. TwonkyServer 6.0.37 is a post from: MS Windows Home Server – Your Personal Guide to MicroSoft Windows Home Server!

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Corel unveils Paintshop Pro X4

Corel has announced the release of the latest version of its budget photo editing software, Paintshop Pro X4, complete with more than 75 new features or improvements. Feedback from a range of beta testers and existing Paintshop Pro users helped … Continue reading

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Windows Home Server 2011 for $45

Newegg currently have Windows Home Server 2011 listed for $53.02, but use the coupon code EMCKAKD36 to get $8.03 off, bringing the final price to $44.99 which includes free shipping. You can buy a copy using this (affiliate) link

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How To Add Tabs To Microsoft Office & Improve Your Document Management

We have got so used to tabs that we routinely miss them in the other applications we use. One of our more oft used applications happens to be the Microsoft Office  suite. Tabs are something which the guys at Redmond woke up … Continue reading

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How To Convert A PowerPoint 2010 Presentation Into A Video With One Click

Converting a PowerPoint slide to a video has lots of uses. It can be used to send a cluster of pictures to someone who does not have PowerPoint or a PowerPoint viewer installed. Videos are in fact, quite an easy … Continue reading

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Change & Delete Windows Drive Letters with DriveLetterView

DriveLetterView is a freeware utility for Windows, which provides a list of currently and previously connected devices and their respective drive letters. Moreover, you can use this tool to remove devices or change their drive letter assignment. If desired, a … Continue reading

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A Simple Download Manager from Microsoft

I wasn’t even aware that Microsoft offers a standalone download manager for Windows until they updated the program to version 1.2 and it thus made a re-appearance in one of the feeds for Microsoft’s Download Center.   Microsoft Download Manager  is a … Continue reading

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Google’s +1 Button Challenges Facebook’s Like Across the Web

Google is taking its +1 feature beyond search results and launching a button that publishers can include on their own websites. The button, which debuted in March in Google search, will compete with the likes of the already ubiquitous sharing buttons offered … Continue reading

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Identity Finder – Cleanse Your Computer Of Sensitive Personal Information

At one point or another, you’re bound to have your privacy breached. It might be a stolen credit card number, a hacked account password or a keylogger infection. When it happens, you end up feeling violated, angry and frustrated that … Continue reading

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Snapshoter: A Screen Capture Tool & Clipboard Manager

Screen capture software tools are essential tools for bloggers and it pays to have them tucked away within easy reach. But why bloggers alone; if you live in any of the social networks like Twitter or Facebook and want to … Continue reading

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