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Android less secure than iOS, says Symantec

The Android operating system is less secure than Apple's iOS, according to a new in-depth evaluation conducted by security firm Symantec.The good news is that both smartphone tribes are more secure than traditional PCs. The bad news is that neither … Continue reading

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Wave of Trojans breaks over Android

Fraudsters have cranked up production of malware targeting Android devices with with a rash of Trojans, many of which apply tricks long used against Windows PCs. F-Secure  Reports  that a rogue developer has modified a harmless app that displays pictures of … Continue reading

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Tutorial: How to remove spyware, viruses and rootkits

Even careful PC users can fall prey to the sticky fingers of evil malware. Loading an innocent looking file from a USB stick, clicking the wrong link in search results, cancelling a suspect alert box – all these actions could … Continue reading

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400 Percent Increase In Android Malware; Mobile Security Threats At Record High

One of the most unsettling findings of the study was the fact that the greatest distribution point for mobile malware is the application download. With the 400-percent increase of Android malware, now would be as good a time as any … Continue reading

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Find Elusive Malware On Your PC With Microsoft Safety Scanner

Do emergency scans of your computer with Microsoft’s latest free download. Microsoft Safety Scanner, a portable application that can examine any PC, can’t replace a full-blown anti-virus program, but it is a great tool to have around should infections pop up. Best … Continue reading

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How To Remove Windows Defender And Why You Might Want To

  Windows Defender is Microsoft’s own anti-spyware application included, and integrated, with Windows Vista and 7. Unfortunately it is not possible to completely uninstall the program safely, but you can turn it off if you find you no longer want it. It’s also probably … Continue reading

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