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You Can Now Buy Sony’s Dual-Screen Tablet P

Sony may or may not have succeeded in giving the Tablet P an aura of awesome, we'll let buyers decide that on their own, but it did manage to make it stand apart from all other tablets out there.Simply, it … Continue reading

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HP, Dell, Acer and Others Abandoning Tablets

As outlandish as it might sound, it is reported that HP, Dell, Acer and ASUS are going to gradually lessen their presence in the media slate area until they back out completely in 2012. The main reason behind this assumption is … Continue reading

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Lookout Mobile Security keeps your Android tablets safe

Lookout Mobile Security is available for Android phones, and now it has been updated and optimized for Android tablets. This app will allow you to back up your data, locate your tablet when if it gets stolen or missing, and … Continue reading

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iMainGo XP Portable Stereo Speaker & Case for iPad

Portable Sound Labs has a new product called the iMainGo XP (model: 11BWB04), which is a portable stereo speaker for the iPad but also doubles as a protective case. It works on both the iPad 1 and iPad 2. It sports a rechargeable … Continue reading

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HP Re-Enters the Tablet Race With Slate 2

Hewlett-Packard has proved it’s still interested in capturing a piece of the tablet market with the launch of Windows 7-based Slate 2. The device sports an 8.9-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, an Intel Atom Z670 CPU, 32 GB of storage space … Continue reading

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Motorola Launches Two Xoom 2 Tablets in the UK

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HP Announces It’ll Stay in the Tablet Business

Even though the company killed off its TouchPad tablet that ran the webOS software it acquired along with Palm, Whitman didn’t know yet whether webOS would be used in a future tablet from HP. She said the company would make a decision about … Continue reading

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Bloomberg TV Begins Live Streaming to the iPad

Bloomberg is bringing its 24-hour live broadcast to the iPad, the financial media conglomerate announced Thursday. Unlike CNN or ESPN, which make their live feeds available only to select subscribers, Bloomberg is boldly making its broadcast available to anyone with an … Continue reading

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Google Is Testing a New Tablet-Optimized Google Search

Google is working on tablet-specific Google Search. It has tested tweaked designs for tablets in the past, now it's back with another one that seems to mold pretty well to touch interfaces, but also integrates some of the future design … Continue reading

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Mint Finally Comes to the iPad

Mint, the web-based personal finance manager, has finally come to the iPad. Mint, brings most of the website’s bill tracking and analytics features to the tablet. The app lets users access their financial data, analyze spending trends, get budget alerts … Continue reading

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