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iplayer, ITV player, 4oD and 5oD all in one piece of software plus live TV via Windows (nevermiss tv)

Ever wondered why BBC, ITV, Ch4 AND Ch5 all have separate on-demand TV websites?. All have different streams and set-ups not including Sky Player that requires Microsoft Silverlight…… Well now, have created thier Beta version of a something that … Continue reading

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Add-In: My Movies for WHS 2011 2.10 PR1

Version 2.10 PR1 includes the following changes: Added: Video Converter function to convert copied discs to MP4 files for iPad, iPhone, Android, UPnP and similar. Please see limitations: Added: Notifications are now sent out as e-mails if this has been … Continue reading

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Channel 4 gets personal with 4oD relaunch

Channel 4 is all set to relaunch its on-demand service at the end of the month, with 4oD getting a significant makeover.The service has been around for a good five years now but has never reached the heady heights of … Continue reading

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Skype 5.3 adds Lion support and HD video calling

Skype has added support for Mac OS X Lion and HD video calling to Skype 5.3 for Mac. It means that Skypers can send and receive HD quality video, provided their callers are using an HD webcam and they're enjoying broadband speeds … Continue reading

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Go TruLink Wireless HDMI Kit

TruLink Wireless HDMI Kit is another product designed to solve home cinema conundrums. The wireless broadcaster and receiver only work over 10m. What this is good for is broadcasting signals from one end of a room to another when cables … Continue reading

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Netgear PTV1000 Push2TV Wireless TV Receiver for Intel Wireless Display WiDI Adapter $71.99 + more

Dell Home has the Netgear PTV1000 Push2TV TV Adapter/Wireless TV Receiver for Intel Wireless Display WiDI for a low $71.99 with free shipping. Works with WiDi Laptops which can wirelessly push video via an HDMI adapter to your HDTV.

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Embed Part Of A YouTube Video into your posts / website

The most straightforward way to embed a video while skipping the first XX seconds of it is to use the &start=parameter which works both for the “old-style” (“classic”) and iFrame player: Old-style player:  <object width=”425″ height=”349″><param name=”movie” value=”;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0;&start=38“></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” … Continue reading

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With Latest Firmware, Boxee Box Is Finally Ready for Prime Time

What It’s Good For: Watching TV shows, movies and web video content on the big screen. The Boxee Box  is unique in the connected device space , because it can deliver content both from the web and from a home network. Who It’s Good For: Media … Continue reading

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Skype video chat on tap for Android, release coming soon?

A new version of Skype for Android, complete with video calling capabilities, looks to be a Verizon exclusive and it’s ready for release. Skype with video is a killer feature for iOS users. Whether you’re using WiFi or 3G data, the quality of … Continue reading

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Netflix to Announce Video Streaming Service for Canada Tomorrow

Netflix have an app that runs within the boxee box. Canada tomorrow are releasing a live version for streamig video. Won't be long before the UK catches up. Read more about it here.

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