This page, soon to be on-line will allow our clients to download various firmware for the devices that we provide along with instructions on how to upgrade. Or for the personal touch, we can either remote control your equipment from or base, or visit your home. Traditionally, the end uder would have to look at the device, a router for example, find the model number, the version number, the web site, the correct version etc… Having been provided the equipment via TEKOUSE, all upgrade software will be clearly listed here to be downloaded along with simple instructions.

In the meantime, below are what we consider as our useful links.

Product leaflets
3CX Phone system

Software downloads
AVG Rescue CD (Create a bootable CD that will seek and destroy virsues and malware)
McAfee Stinger (A small file that you run off your desktop that will seek and destroy key viruses) – Delete once used.