Helicopter surveys

TEKOUSE has recently expanded into the field of filming locations using model helicopters.

See below for an idea of our capability:- 

  • Thermal Imaging
  • HD Digital video recording with image stabilisaion for the lens
  • GPS location with time/date stamped data
  • Video playback with digital zoom capability
  • Google Earth integration
  • Gyro data recorded and utilised
  • 3D model provision (if required at additional cost – ask for details)

Potential applications include:-

  • Bridge / cliff / viaduct / cooling tower / chimney surveys / inspections
  • Marketing of a unique event providing video footage that can be converted via Flash video for website use
  • Recording of your special events such as weddings
  • Before and after images for large constriction projects
  • Large construction projects to provide the project manager with that special overview each week
  • Electric pylon inspections