Hard drive price heist!

Stores and retailers haven't exactly been left without HDDs to sell, but the fear that shortages will persist throughout 2012 led to price jumps. 
The official rise was 10% on average, but it was obvious enough that some even trippled. Also, Dell and HP haven't exactly painted a pretty picture either (they are the latest to give their opinion on the matter). Some retailers that piled up, fearing that they wouldn't be able to find more drives later, are about to do the opposite starting next month. That should start a sort of domino effect and last through January and February, 2012, finally getting back to their previous level by the end of Q1. Shortages could last longer but weak PC demand will act as a sort of buffer for prices. Nidec, the main provider of HDD motors, was able to restart its Thailand operations quite fast after flooding. This didn't seem to act as enough of a mood lifter before, but companies have been looking to other plans to pick up where Thailand plants left off, so that helps.

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Quickoffice for Android Hits Version 5.0

A new flavor of the Quickoffice for Android mobile application is now available for download for the owners of devices running under Google's mobile operating system, namely Quickoffice 5.0.
The new mobile application has just made it to the Android Market, and is meant to provide a much better experience for all users.

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Disney videos on You Tube

YouTube’s official blog sugests that “Cars” and “Pirates” already available for American users to rent right now, and are priced at $1.99 and that it won't be long before it's rolled out in the UK.

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The Sony VAIO VPC-F237FX/B is a potent quad-core desktop replacement laptop that targets multimedia buffs with a striking 1080p screen and special video- and music-editing software.

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Firefox 8 Officially Lands in Ubuntu 11.10

All Ubuntu 11.10 users can now upgrade (by running the Software Update app from the Settings icon) their default web browser to Firefox 8.0, which was officially released by Mozilla two weeks ago, on November 8th, 2011.

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You Can Now Call Your Facebook Friends From Skype

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Dell Has HDD Supply Issues Like Everyone Else

Dell had to get creative when word came in about how, soon enough, there won't be many hard disk drives to go about, but it apparently didn't get away scot-free. While it was able to act quickly form the start, even before the biggest price jumps came, but it appears that prices could be inflated through to the middle of 2012. We looked at upgrading our servers a recently. A couple of months ago, you could get a 2TB drive for just over £50. Now the same drive is three times the price £150!! Lets hope prices drop like the water in Bangcock….

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HP, Dell, Acer and Others Abandoning Tablets

As outlandish as it might sound, it is reported that HP, Dell, Acer and ASUS are going to gradually lessen their presence in the media slate area until they back out completely in 2012. The main reason behind this assumption is that the $500 mark no longer works, not with $200 slates around.

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The Best Tool to Sync Outlook and Google Contacts


Google offers a free Outlook plugin called Apps Sync to help keep your Outlook Contacts and Google Contacts in sync with each other but probably for business reasons, they have made this utility available only for premier Google Apps customers.

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Riviera for Skype 3.6

Riviera for Skype will automatically record Skype conversations and convert them into MP3 files. It is convenient for recording interviews, tech talks, conferences, audio casts, pod casts for learning later, etc. All you have to do is setup the application and it will start recording when you receive or make a call.  You may start/stop recording any portion of the call at any time. The recording is saved in MP3 format.

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