TEKOUSE have offices in Derbyshire but can undertake most tasks remotely using specialist software. TEKOUSE is an IT Support Company which will always be available to help you fix your business IT problems and computer network support issues whatever they are and you will find our our IT support reliable and our comuter repair service and computer maintenance services both affordable and efficient.

Communication is at the heart of any successful business. Communication with your customers, clients, suppliers and staff. And at the heart of your communication capabilities is your IT system. At TEKOUSE, our skills keep your business IT systems in peak condition.  Our IT support services are clear and easy to understand with no hidden charges. With IT support services that can include ‘remote fixing‘, 1 hour response times and unlimited on-site visits, you can have the piece of mind that TEKOUSE will always be available to help resolve your company IT issues what ever they are. Did you know that having annual computer maintenance carried out can save your business time and money? Whether you have an existing maintenance support contract in place or not your company could be benefiting now by using our regular computer maintenance expertise.
We can provide you with the following bespoke IT support and computer services:

  • First aid – getting you started
  • The health plan – designing a network
  • Medical supplies – hardware choices
  • The operation – installing a system
  • Maintaining the arteries – Installation and upgrades of computer network cabling
  • The healthy work–out – IT support and computer maintenance
  • Protection – latest anti-virus /Spyware / Malware security systems and IT security systems
  • After-care – customised back–up solutions
  • The diagnosis – IT consultancy reviewing your existing system
  • Health check – providing IT support and maintenance
  • The prescription – recommendation and installation of jardware and software upgrades
  • External applications – bringing together your office networks via VPN technology
  • Medical advances – regular advice about the latest technologies to help your company grow

Contact us now to see how our IT support services can help you save money and improve the way you and your company do business.
TEKOUSE have helped companies who need to: