Outlook and Exchange



Here at TEKOUSE, we have a number of people well versed in the configuration of Microsoft Exchange. The service that we offer includes the following:-

  • Provision of appropriate hardware to suit your requirements

  • Development of domain controls

  • Storage and back-up solutions

  • Webmail set up

  • Blackberry server set-up

  • Firewalls and all securoty aspects to an Exchange server

  • Patching your system including annual maintenance contract


 The obvious partner for Exchange is Outlook. However some people prefer te simpler Outlook Express that comes as part of Windows if you don't run Microsoft Office. TEKOUSE can off er her the following solutions:- 

  • Configuration to Exchange

  • Rules to move / file / forward emails to relevant locations. This can be a real time saver

  • SPAM control

  • Back-ups of your PST files on a period basis



If you don't run Microsoft Office and prefer Lotus, we also offer the similar packages for Lotus. Please contact TEKOUSE to discuss your requirements.