Disk failure / virus removal

You'd be suprised how many people keep all thier digital photographs and personal information, videos etc on thier PC. That's fine until one day, your hard drive fails or Windows crashes.

This is a delicate subject and in order to recover the data without re-installing Windows is not the the average user. At TEKOUSE, we are familiar with the operating system and are very offten able to get the PC up and running to a state where data can be remoced from the drive/s before re-installing Windows thereby saving your data and giving you back a clean machine.

We would at this time undertake deep scans and diagnostics of the PC in an attempt to get an indicator as to why the inital problem occured. However, we do reccomend at this stage to undergo a basic upgarde even if it's just a new hard drive. We can discuss this with you.

If it's not possible to get Windows operational, we have the ability using bespoke software to undertake a data recovery process. If this is the case, your hard drive would be removed and connected to a test machine and read.

Often, virus's cause these kind of problems and as such, we would discuss with you your options and protection techniques.

If you have a problem, contact the TEKOUSE team on our contacts page and someone will be in touch shortly. TEKOUSE is based in Matlock, Derbyshire within the Peak District.