Roku Internet Video Streamers Are As Low As , and Do 1080p For 0

Both the XD and XDS have 1080p over HDMI as well as 802.11n (HD is only 720p), where the XDS has that dual-band and component out, as well as optical audio and a USB port for playing back local music, photos and video. This capability is a free upgrade for the XDS in November 2010.

The connected-device market just got a little bit hotter; Roku has just announced its new lineup of streaming media players.

Competing head-to-head with the upcoming Apple TV, the Boxee Boxand Google TV, Roku is hoping to entice customers to its newest units.
Like the older Roku devices, the new boxes support a slew of content networks, including Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, MLB.TV, PandoraPandora, FlickrFlickr and MOG.

As small as the old Roku boxes were, the new units are even smaller. The Apple TV hasn’t shipped yet, so we’re not sure which device is smaller, but he new Roku is tiny and should be easy to hide away.