Cable Installations

To give you an idea of how your network can grow, please review the diagram below. It's soon very obvious that a thorough plan needs creating before canles are thrown around the house. A ssytematic approach must be used to allow for speed of your network but also for being futureproof. The best time to do your cabling is during a renovation of an old property. At this stage, TEKOUSE can visit your site and design your system to fit your needs abd budget. We also have people who will install the cables, or create a drawing for your electrical contractor if required.
Cables involved include:-

  • CAT6 network or fibre network cabling
  • BT phone cables or equivalent
  • VOIP cabling and power / PoE
  • Audio cables for routing sound around the house from a central loaction
  • TV and Satalite connections plus splitter functionality to provide multiple feeds off one dish / antenna
  • Multi-room support
  • Alarm cables
  • Control cables where systems deem neccessary
  • Low voltage DC internal requirements for powering units such as IP cameras
  • HDMI cables into walls for wall mounted flat screens scenario
  • Power management including uninterupatble power supply (UPS) cabling. This needs considering at this stage.
  • This is to list the basics, others and all alternatives are available should they be required

TEKOUSE is based in Matlock in the Derbyshure Dales, Peak District. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will be only too happy to assist.