Smart phones

Smart Phones

Smartphones are a part of everyday life for may people. Many people still resist having one as they feel they "wouldn't use it". This, we feel is where TEKOUSE can help you. Based in Derbyshire we can offer guidance to you to ensure that the phone you buy, is the right one for you. It's very easy to walk into the O2 / Orange / T-Mobile shops and be sold an all singing all dancing phone that although very technical, is not necessarily matched to what you actually need one for in everyday life.
Mobile phones are able to undertake the following tasks at a minimum with Apps coming out all the time:-

  1. FTP Client – This allow you to connect with your storage at home and to be able to drag a file from home to your phone
    Please note that this would require a set-up of your home PC in order for this to work
  2. Cloud storage – This allows you to store files on the internet itself. This means that you can access files from anywhere, including your mobile phone. There's many solutions for this and TEKOUSE can guide you as to the best solution for you.
  3. VOIP Facility – Your phone can be set up as a phone extension from a digital exchange such as 3CX thereby giving the phone a real number such as 01332 274480 as well as the mobile number thereby in effect giving your phone 2 lines. This is great in business use as you can even ring customers from your 0844 number giving the illusion that you are behind a big corporate desk when in reality, you're on the beach!
  4. Skype – Take and make all your Skype calls
  5. email – There a many options here. Please contact TEKOUSE to discuss. However, unless you work for a large organisation who has Exchange, we feel here that the Android solution, paired with Google email is best
  6. RSS Feeds and publishing
  7. Blog management – maintain your blog whilst on holiday!

The list is endless, however many of the above can be complex and require knowledge behind the scenes to exploit the phone to its full potential. If you're interested in a smartphone, contact TEKOUSE to discuss your requirements wherever you are……